We follow a bio-engineered worker by the name 124. A new species created by the mega-corporation G.I.T. As opportunity strikes he tries something no one have succeeded with before, escape.
A shortfilm by Mike Lundahl
A Dark Haven Studios production
(Currently in production)
Mike Lundahl // Producer, Writer, Director, VFX Supervisor
Henric Brandt // Producer
Sami Sinervä // Director Of Photography
Sebastian Aav // Composer
Baris Gökcek // Composer (Trailer)
Johannes Stenmarck // 124
Mattias Tor Pettersson // Rebel
VFX, Digital production
James Hunter // Animator
Sarah Bromley // 3D artist
Hannes Dre // 3D artist
Kevin Wernick // 3D artist
Haider Alghifari // 3D Artist
Steve Van Dijk // Graphics Designer
Special Thanks
Andrea Clemens
We are looking for talented volunteering animators and 3D artists!
info@dark-haven.biz for more information.
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