ILP VFX contacted me to help out with some modeling and animation for the big unfolding screen. I was delivered a very rough mocup model and previs animation of how they wanted it to look. Super fun project to work on!.
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor:Niklas Jacobson
VFX Producer:Måns Björklund
VFX Team
Lead 3d Artist:Daniel Rådén
3D / 2D :Niklas Nyqvist, Björn Malmgren, Eric Schempp, Eric Hermelin, Jonas Andersson, Stefan, Lagerstam, Egil Eskilsson, Damir Filipovic, Mike Lundahl, Kalle Lundberg, David Wahlberg, Maria Avramova, Rickard Westman
Some stills on screen:
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