Fox Sports Super Bowl Pregame 2010

Super Bowl Pregame animation made for Fox Sports by Important Looking Pirates.

ILP VFX contacted me to help out with some modeling and animation for the big unfolding screen. I was delivered a very rough mocup model and previs animation of how they wanted it to look. Super fun project to work on!.
ILP Team:
VFX Supervisor:Niklas Jacobson
VFX Producer:Måns Björklund
VFX Team
Lead 3d Artist:Daniel Rådén
3D / 2D :Niklas Nyqvist, Björn Malmgren, Eric Schempp, Eric Hermelin, Jonas Andersson, Stefan, Lagerstam, Egil Eskilsson, Damir Filipovic, Mike Lundahl, Kalle Lundberg, David Wahlberg, Maria Avramova, Rickard Westman
Some stills on screen:
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