Director, Digital artist & Motion Designer Showreel 2016
Towards New Frontiers / Personal
124: New Beginnings / Dark Haven Studios.
Director & Executive Producer. Creation of hero 3D character, lighting & compositing. Concept Design for drone. for more information.
Jimi Hendrix Online Slot / Netent
Director for intro. Did the motion graphics as well as final touches on the Jimi Hendrix 3D head for likeness. Lookdev including shading and texturing. Art Directed by David Lundmark
The Invisible Man Online Slot/ Netent, Universal Studios
Compositing, lighting, motion design & FX animation. Modeling & texturing of Griffin character. Art Directed by Jenny Hellström.
Eggomatic Online Slot / Netent
3D modeling, texture &  shading for eggs & sign . Lookdev, lighting, rendering of robot symbols in game. Art Directed by Jenny Hellström. See case study for more details.
Kylan short film / Dark Haven Studios / Despot film
VFX supervisor. All animals including 3D modeling, texturing & shading, rigging & animation. Crowd simulation for animals. Fur simulation for moose. Fluid FX Simulations. Compositing. Onset VFX supervising. Directed by Miko Lazic. See case study for details.
Experience More / Important Looking Pirates VFX
Creation of 3D Orc character. See Case study for details.
Yellow Mello - Coca Cola / Important Looking Pirates VFX
Modeling and texturing of wooden raft.
The Mannequin / Personal
Fox Sports / Important Looking Pirates VFX
Motion design & modeling for the big screen.
PowerShares / Hobby Film
Compositing & additional modeling. See case study for details.
Eggolution / Rednose entertainment
VFX supervisor for project. Motion Design, compositing & concept design.
Wishmaster Online Slot Intro / Netent
I came up with the concept of a camera move intro to reveal the game. I did the compositing and the FX. Illustration by Johannes Perols. Art Directed by Jenny Hellström.
Radio-Active / Personal
Friend or Foe / Personal
124: New Beginnings Character  / Dark Haven Studios
Hero character for shortfilm. I did everything from design to final model including textures & shading.
Mamba Concept Hypercar / Personal
Space Pirate / Personal
Mr.Sin / Personal
Death Course / Personal
Photo experimental / Personal
Urban Reaper / Personal (illustration for store)
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